📣 Announcement!📣 Film short on the life of Windrush Elder Enrico Stennett

Thrilled to say I’m going to be making a documentary short on the life of Windrush Elder Stennett. I’m reading his book Buckra Massa Pickney for research. I met Enrico a long time ago, but unfortunately didn’t have a chance to film him when he was alive. However, I will be interviewing former colleagues who knew him well as well as using excerpts from his book. Filming starts August. Exciting!


📣 Announcement – Young PeaceMakers Award for TikTok film-makers!

You might remember the young film-makers I worked with in 2021 to explore embedding equality in the curriculum via TikTok? Known as the Aberconwy Allies, they have been awarded a Young PeaceMakers award from the Welsh Centre for International Affairs! Such lovely news – none of these projects happen without a team of people and hopefully we will all get to stand on the stage at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod to collect the award! Plus we have been awarded an overall peace trophy which is awarded each year to the young person or people who deemed to have made the biggest difference is in the form of a metal peace dove, sculpted by David Peterson (the renowned sculptor who created the Mametz Dragon in Flanders) Check back for an update next week


📣Announcement!📣 Stories We Cannot Tell selected for Bloomsday Film Festival Dublin

So thrilled to say that Stories We Cannot Tell has been selected for the Film Festival in Dublin.

From the festival blurb:

‘Ireland’s most literary film festival is back for its third year, and a very special one indeed as 2022 is the centenarian celebration of the publication of Ulysses (1922). The film festival was set up to be a celebration of cinema, literature, and artistic innovation, inspired by the long reaching arm of Ireland’s patriarch of modernism, James Joyce. The festival is run in partnership with the
Bloomsday Festival & the James Joyce Centre and will run between the 11th – 16th June, with screenings taking place at the historic James Joyce Centre and the IFI, as well as Online.
Over the previous two years we brought Bloomsday to you with our online programmes filled with Ulyssean cinematic delights in our Joycean Shorts programme. Though we loved the connection this gave us to the global Bloomsday community, it has always been our vision for the BFF to be an exciting live event, and to
marry it with other Bloomsday traditions, e.g dressing up, live performances & readings. So this year, fingers crossed, we are very happy to be welcoming live audiences for the first time and hope that the festival will become an unmissable map point on the day’s adventure. So because of this, this year’s festival will be a hybrid event, physical and online.

The Bloomsday week (11th-16th June) hits a number of important dates in the Irish literary calendar. The birthday of W.B. Yeats lands on the 13th, the publication of Dubliners the 15th, and of course Bloomsday on the 16th. So accordingly, we will be celebrating Yeats’ birthday, and poetry as a whole, on the 13th with programmes of poetry shorts, made locally and around the world; on the 15th we will be celebrating all things
Dublin with the Dublin Short Stories; and the
Experimental, Literature, and Joycean programmes will be celebrated throughout as well. As will feature our new
exciting competition ‘The One Minute Odyssey’ (Details on how to enter coming soon). It will be an exciting and diverse week, climaxing with a selection of the winners
screening at the IFI on Bloomsday (16th).
We want to encourage artistic innovation within the medium, and films that seek to push the craft forward, as Joyce did so greatly within his own craft, literature.
Awards & Prizes
Best Overall Short – The Ulysses Award
Best Joycean Short – The James Joyce Award
Best Literature Short – The Stephen Dedalus Award
Best Poetry Short – The W.B. Yeats Award
Best Experimental Short – The Proteus Award
Best Dublin Short Story – The Dubliner Award
Best 1 Minute Odyssey – The Odyssey Award
Best Actor – The Leopold Bloom Award
Best Actress – The Molly Bloom Award

17/06/22 And here’s the online gallery, also showing in Dublin:



📣 Announcement! First film festival selection 2022 – Stories We Cannot Tell (Getting Under the Skin of Silence) Intro edit selected for Gwyl Y Ferch Film fest

Very thrilled to say that the Intro edit for Stories We Cannot Tell has been selected for Gwyl y Ferch filmfest at Pontio Sinema in Bangor. There will be a live event and some panel talks so watch this space for details!


Fantastic to see not only the film on the big screen with an audience, but to watch film shorts by other Welsh female film-makers. It was really inspiring and fascinating to see overlapping themes and techniques as well as the differences in approaches. I felt really thrilled and honoured to be amongst the cohort. I was slightly less thrilled to have got lost on the way (thank you iPhone maps!) and to find myself on a spotlit stage with a microphone in hand attempting to talk about a film which is all about the things we don’t say…(to be fair I knew I’d be doing this in advance but having got lost, missed the opportunity to find out what I might be asked to talk about!) Anyway, I think I said a few things and managed not to fall off the stage, so that’s all good.


📣First Podcast!📣 Curious Creatives with Karen Heald

Karen and I had a great chat in this podcast for Curious Creatives about shared backgrounds in visual arts and film; how I started out my established film-making practice 20 years ago and how I’ve developed emergent practices in the last few years in From Established to Emergent Practices (And Back Again) Have a listen!


📣Announcement! NEW Arts Festival exhibition📣

Looking forward to exhibiting poetry films, visual poetry photography, text audio and projection installations for Stories We Cannot Tell at this in August/September. If you’re passing Regent Street in Wrexham check it out and meantime back here for updates!! #newartsfestival #poetryfilm #visualpoetryphotography #indiefilm #artfilm #experimentalfilm #wordsandpictures #textinstallation #femalefilmmaker #artistmovingimage

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